SOFTBOT™ Integration Platform
SVT Robotics

Automation at the speed of need!

The SOFTBOT Platform extends Blue Yonder to instantly integrate with over 35 automation solutions, including 6 River Systems (6RS), Balyo, Berkshire Grey, Fabric, Fetch, Grenzebach, JBT, Lowpad, MIR, RightHand Robotics, Vecna Robotics, Voodoo Robotics, and more. Pre-built and validated SOFTBOTs enable rapid adoption of automation.

Before building an integration that only works for your current setting, consider connecting your Blue Yonder deployment to the SOFTBOT Platform, which provides perpetual integration no matter your future requirements. Select your automation, configure workflows, and deploy in days, not weeks!

SVT Robotics builds and maintains SOFTBOTS on behalf of the market. These SOFTBOTs are standardized communications with each automation provider, enabling automation solution deployment without custom code development, reducing risk and cost. By leveraging Blue Yonder and the SOFTBOT Platform's combined benefits, you can achieve a highly resilient supply chain with the flexibility to adopt automation in days, with configuration only.

Leveraging SOFTBOTS in your supply chain also enables you to take advantage of future product enhancements by both the automation providers and Blue Yonder, without having to customize the integration software. Each SOFTBOT has version management to provide seamless upgrade paths no matter which automation provider you have selected.

The SVT Robotics team regularly builds SOFTBOTS. If you are considering a technology provider that is not listed, let us know, and we can adapt the product roadmap to achieve your objectives and your schedule. In many cases, we can develop new SOFTBOTS for the platform in under eight weeks with full validation.

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Solution Information and Media

Compatible With All Blue Yonder versions 2013 and above including on-premise or cloud deployments. Seamlessly connects to Blue Yonder tools such as Task Manager, Warehouse Management, and more.
Pricing Model Annual license based upon the number of SOFTBOTs used on a per site basis.
Technical Details Configuration of SOFTBOTs is performed using a cloud environment with the run-time being deployed either on-premise or to the cloud. This enables flexibility of deployment with ease of configuration and adjustments to match your future road map.
Legal Details All intellectual property is owned by SVT Robotics.
Product Versions All SOFTBOTs are independently version controlled and managed through the Cloud Platform.
Support Details When combining Blue Yonder’s world class digital fulfillment platform with SVT Robotics' SOFTBOT Platform, users are now able to seamlessly predict -> pivot -> Automate and fulfill expectations without developing custom code. This enables users to deploy over 40 automated solutions with drag and drop simplicity including: RightHand Robotics, Fabric, Berkshire Grey, Locus, Lowpad, MIR, Fetch, JBT, Grenzebach, Berken Solutions, Voodoo Robotics, KBS, GetWare, 6 River Systems, and more!
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