ReTime Time & Motion/Labour Standards App
ReThink Productivity Consulting Ltd

Leverage big data to level up productivity
Game-changing apps unlock business productivity – powering
efficient, cost-effective performance

Why this app matters

Created by UK’s leading retail productivity experts -
ReThink work with retail and hospitality giants
including Costa, Vodafone and Boots to help deliver
their business goals

App offers game-changing productivity insights simply and
quickly – the app allows businesses to collect, review and
analyse work study data instantly

Enables businesses to see how they measure up against
industry standards - includes benchmarking data, so
businesses can compare their results to standards within
their sector

Unique features help the app fit seamlessly into analysts’
working methods - captures notes and photographs and
results can be exported

Built using feedback from highly experienced analysts who
have spent decades collecting and analysing work study data


Solution Information and Media

Compatible With Not applicable
Pricing Model SaaS based on users
Technical Details Android-based app with Web portal
Delivery Method
  • Free Trial or Contact a Developer
  • Request a Demo
Support Capable Yes