OneTrack.AI is the leading AI camera solution for warehouses to drastically increase throughput and reduce safety incidents. By connecting OneTrack.AI with BlueYonder, it is possible to track activity in and around warehouses with unprecedented accuracy, granularity, and in real-time.

Distributed OneTrack AI cameras use Deep Learning software and visual data to constantly track where they are and what is around them.

Using Computer Vision signals captured by these sensors, OneTrack enables warehouses to optimally leverage BlueYonder WMS and Luminate Warehouse Tasking with actual, measured data such as lift travel distance, idle times, and travel paths.

In addition to providing unmatched real-time visibility into warehouse processes, OneTrack’s WMS Deep Learning Technology enables site and team leads to monitor warehouse activity for operator deviations and respond proactively before they lead to operational impediments. Leveraging visual data, on-site teams are able to have the most effective coaching conversations with every employee every day, driving long-term, positive behavior coaching.

In addition to delivering substantial productivity improvements and labor cost savings, OneTrack also monitors for safety indicators and automatically reports an unmatched number of safety anomalies like accidents, distracted driving, and other mishaps.

Combining OneTrack and BlueYonder WMS enables logistics companies to take their warehouse operations to a new level.


Solution Information and Media

Compatible With BlueYonder WMS, Luminate Warehouse Tasking
Pricing Model Cloud, Subscription based
Technical Details OneTrack sensor hardware can be deployed in minutes and does not require any onsite IT infrastructure to operate.
Support Details Dedicated Customer Support and Customer Success Resources
Delivery Method
  • Request a Demo
Support Capable Yes