Branch Instant Pay

Instant pay allows employees to access part of their earned wages before their scheduled payday. You may have heard of earned wage access before, which is the same concept.

Earned wage access can be life-changing for your employees.
For many employees, dealing with an unexpected medical bill or car repair before payday can result in overdraft fees or increased debt. But with instant pay, they can access up to 50% of their earned wages whenever they need it.

How it works:

Instant pay doesn’t require any changes to your existing payroll process. We work with you to get an estimate of wages earned and let employees access up to 50% of their upcoming paycheck. This service is pre-funded by Branch; all we need from you is time and attendance files and a roster file; we can work with either flat files or API integrations.

Step 1:
Employees download the Branch app to request funds, and they’ll load directly to their Branch digital wallet within seconds.

Step 2:
They can then use their digital wallet (including Apple Pay & Google Pay) or their Branch Card to make payments.

Step 3:
Once payday rolls around, their pay advance is deducted from their total deposit.


Solution Information and Media

Compatible With All Blue Yonder solutions via flat file transfer.
Pricing Model Branch is Fee-Free for employers and its employees.
Delivery Method
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