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ReTime Time & Motion/Labour Standards App
ReThink Productivity Consulting Ltd

Leverage big data to level up productivity
Game-changing apps unlock business productivity – powering
efficient, cost-effective performance

InContext Solutions: ShopperMX
InContext Solutions

InContext Solutions is the global leader in 3D simulation software & virtual market research methodologies for retail.

SOFTBOT™ Integration Platform
SVT Robotics

Automation at the speed of need!

The SOFTBOT Platform extends Blue Yonder to instantly integrate with over 35 automation solutions, including 6 River Systems (6RS), Balyo, Berkshire Grey, Fabric, Fetch, Grenzebach, JBT, Lowpad, MIR, RightHand Robotics, Vecna Robotics, Voodoo Robotics, and more. Pre-built and validated SOFTBOTs enable rapid adoption of automation.

Before building an integration that only works for your current setting, consider connecting your Blue Yonder deployment to the SOFTBOT Platform, which provides perpetual integration no matter your future requirements. Select your automation, configure workflows, and deploy in days, not weeks!

Microlise Fleet & Distribution
Microlise Limited

The Microlise Transport & Logistics solution is designed specifically for the needs of commercial fleet operators to provide Proof of Delivery, Journey Management and Telematics solutions.

A modular approach allows customers to take advantage of a solution that meets their specific requirements and a dedicated solution roadmap ensures transport operators are able to take advantage of the latest innovations and developments in the proof of delivery, journey management and telematics industry.

SL4 Technology India Private limited

Trukr is a collaboration platform between all key stakeholders in logistics.

Branch Card

Branch Cards are not prepaid cards or instant paycards—they’re debit cards. Each card comes with a no-fee checking account and digital wallet your employees can use to pay bills, buy gas, shop online, or buy anything else they would with a debit card.

Branch Instant Pay

Instant pay allows employees to access part of their earned wages before their scheduled payday. You may have heard of earned wage access before, which is the same concept.

Branch Tips & Reimbursements

Instead of dealing with the hassle of off-cycle payroll, or making your employees wait until payday to have their tips, mileage reimbursements, or other payments sent to them, Branch lets you tip out and reimburse your employees digitally after each shift.

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Plantensive’s FVA (Forecast Value Add) Magnifier
Plantensive Inc

Plantensive's Forecast Value Add Magnifier enables leadership to prioritize and maximize the planner's focus and efforts to ensure value-add impacts are made to their forecast accuracy plans. This data-driven approach allows positive impacts at a more granular and surgical segmentation of DFUs, which translate to a more efficient business process.

ECnet Enterprise Procurement
R Systems

ECnet Enterprise Procurement helps customers to streamline their procurement processes from the point of sourcing to delivery of goods and closing the transaction. By using electronics methods, it replaces manual ways of procurement hence allowing your organization to reduce costs and inefficiencies.

Warehouse Management User Services Portal (USP)
Socius24 Limited

The User Service Portal (USP) is a single point of access to a set of intuitive browser based screens that enhances the information that can be made available to your resources, customers, your customer’s customers’, suppliers and clients.
USP allows your customers, suppliers and clients to access BY WMS data related to them when they need it, in real-time without you having to send them reports or having to give them access to the native WMS GUI.
USP is installed to the side of BY Dispatcher WMS and is upgraded separately and in turn is unaffected by upgrades of WMS.

"AFP" AutoCAD Blue Yonder Floorplan Converter
3DVR Solutions Pty Ltd

The AutoCAD Blue Yonder Floor Planning Converter (AFP) is the world’s first and only solution for converting Autodesk AutoCAD® drawings directly to Blue Yonder Floor Planning® floorplans. Floorplans are created in seconds including valuable fixture information with embedded trace file. Combine with 3DVR's AutoCAD Planogram Utility (APU) to perform store audits.

"APU" AutoCAD Planogram Utility
3DVR Solutions Pty Ltd

Before store resets can be performed it is vital to know what exists in the store. 3DVR Solutions have developed innovative technology that makes the audit process more efficient, removing double handling, reducing labour costs whilst improving floorplan accuracy.

"RFP" Revit to Floor Planning Converter
3DVR Solutions Pty Ltd

The Revit to Blue Yonder Floor Planning Converter (RFP) was the world’s first solution for converting Autodesk Revit® drawings directly to Blue Yonder Floor Planning® floorplans. Floorplans are created in minutes including valuable fixture information with embedded trace file.

"RVS" Retail Visualisation Suite -Virtual Reality
3DVR Solutions Pty Ltd

Drive innovation, design and sales by bringing your Blue Yonder data to life through immersive 3D Virtual Reality. View Blue Yonder Planograms and Floorplans in VR to support ranging decisions, store designs and enhance the user training experience. Provides an intuitive platform to collaborate both internally and externally.

Category Management Suite
Aspire Systems India Pvt Ltd

As a partner to BY, we have expertise in Category Managment Solutions.

25–32 of 57 Solutions