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A service-veteran owned business, Xenon Group is a supply chain consultancy that brings focused execution to deliver tangible EBITDA value for its clients. In collaborating with our clients to deliver solutions, we bring talent, energy, integrity, efficiency, accountability and an overarching desire to help our clients win in the marketplace. We fully understand that our success is predicated upon that of our clients.

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Procurement Transformation is a journey resulting in the alignment and optimization of sourcing professionals and their associated business processes and systems. Often overlooked for investment, the Procurement function directly impacts corporate financial results as the cost related to sourcing goods and services can represent up to 75% of total revenue. We typically see results in the range of five to nine percent savings of total addressable spend. Our Procurement Transformation Offering Is Designed To Answer Questions Such As: What gaps exist in the current business process architecture? What knowledge, skills and abilities are required of the procurement team? How can technology be leveraged to drive efficiencies in the purchasing process? How can the existing organizational design be improved? What are the most relevant and effective transactional procurement metrics? Which non-strategic, labor-intensive tasks can be outsourced? Services Include: End-to-end procurement assessment and analysis Procure-to-pay process redesign eProcurement software selection and implementation Procurement organizational design and development Procurement BPO

Strategic Sourcing is the process whereby suppliers are defined and evaluated by their criticality and total cost of ownership. It involves conducting due diligence on current and potential suppliers by measuring them via a myriad of qualitative and quantitative criteria. Our methodology for the selection of those suppliers deemed to be strategic is very rigorous and normally thoroughly reviewed and approved at the most senior levels of the organization. Xenon Group brings a structured approach to analyzing spend data, applying meaningful market intelligence and developing and implementing rigorous sourcing strategies. Our Strategic Sourcing Offering Is Designed To Answer Questions Such As: Which portfolios, categories and sub-categories offer the most opportunity for savings based on a total cost of ownership analysis? Which suppliers are best aligned with the client organization’s category strategy? What are the macro-economic drivers for a given category? What framework should be deployed to manage the supply base? Which suppliers and items should be rationalized? Services Include: Spend analytics Supplier performance management Negotiations strategy, preparation and leadership Supplier capability assessment TCO model development

Supply Chain Design, often referred to as Distribution Network Design or Network Optimization, can drive fundamental improvements in cost to serve, sustainability and risk, and often unlocks significant aggregate supply chain savings. By employing complex algorithms, sensitivity and scenario-based analysis, our designers build detailed and comprehensive models that become integral components of the overall supply chain strategy. Our Supply Chain Design Offering Is Designed To Answer Questions Such As: At a granular level, what is the flow of product from the supply base to the end customer? Where are the systemic constraints and what are their impacts to the overall supply chain? How can logistics costs be optimized? Which nodes/lanes represent the greatest risk? What levers can be deployed to meet corporate sustainability goals? Services Include: Supply chain network opportunity assessment Network design and optimization Transportation route planning Product flow path routing Continuity and disaster recovery

Xenon Group’s Supply Chain Planning offering combines relevant data with a rigorous operating cadence to develop and deliver an integrated and time-sensitive forecast, the foundation of which is a series of repeatable, cross-functional processes that can be quickly deployed to drive collaboration and improve forecast accuracy. Scenario-based and iterative by design, this service drives continuous process improvement by employing a Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology. Our Supply Chain Planning Offering Is Designed To Answer Questions Such As: What is the optimal balance between inventory positions and service levels? What are the components that make up the total cost to serve? With respect to forecast generation, how do Finance, Marketing, Sales and Operations align on a common set of processes and definitions? What product mix drives optimal margins? What supplier collaboration tools and processes should be deployed to improve supplier-driven forecast variability? Services Include: Digital sales and operations planning Supply planning Demand planning Collaborative planning forecasting and replenishment Demand-driven replenishment Inventory optimization

We define distribution as the delivery of products, information and related services from the point of manufacture to the point of consumption in compliance with customer and channel profitability requirements. As such, this service is designed to unlock value in the core functions of order management, distribution center operations and transportation. Our Distribution Operations Offering Is Designed To Answer Questions Such As: What is the optimal order management process to support customer service and profit margin targets? What best practices can be deployed to reduce overall transportation expenses? In Distribution Center design, what is the appropriate balance between cost, service, risk and flexibility? How can technology be deployed to improve distribution efficiencies? Which metrics should be employed to gauge distribution outcomes? Services Include: Order management Transportation management Distribution center design Distribution center operations ERP, WMS and TMS software selection

Relative to their competition, companies with best-in-class reverse logistics processes spend on average, three to five percent less of total sales on processing returns. The Post Sales Operations service offering provides a comprehensive suite of capabilities to transform the reverse supply chain and move your organization into the best-in-class quadrant. Our Post Sales Operations Offering Is Designed To Answer Questions Such As: What processes can be deployed to minimize the number of returns entering into the reverse supply chain? Which repair/refurbishment service providers have the requisite capabilities? What metrics should be employed to measure the reverse supply chain? How can yield rates be improved in repair/refurbishment and asset disposition processes? How can asset disposition processes align with corporate sustainability goals? What software solutions are best positioned to mitigate returns and drive value in the reverse supply chain? What is the business case for exchange/buyback programs? Services Include: Reverse logistics strategy Repair network provider due diligence and selection Warranty management Software provider due diligence and selection

Where appropriate, our Data Scientists will leverage cloud-based machine learning tools to design, develop and deploy self-service data analytics capabilities that client Supply Chain and Procurement teams can quickly adopt and customize. Our Data Science Offering Is Designed To Answer Questions Such As: How should reports be configured to best serve the needs of the Finance function? How can item master data be rationalized without impacting business operations? What are the appropriate KPIs to measure the performance of distribution operations? What visualization tools are the best fit for a given environment? Which tool or combination of tools can most dramatically reduce time spent analyzing data? Services Include: Artificial intelligence Machine learning Robotics process automation Big data analytics Customer analytics Dashboard development Data blending Data preparation and profiling Data visualization Item master rationalization and maintenance Predictive analytics

Xenon Group’s Organizational Performance offering is designed to drive improvement in four critical capabilities: business readiness, ownership/commitment, training and communications. Our Organizational Performance Offering Is Designed To Answer Questions Such As: How can training be deployed to meaningfully reduce the risk associated with systems implementation? What are the process and selection criteria for recruiting and hiring high-performing individuals? How can business readiness be assessed and improved upon? To what extent does a cultural bias exist toward ownership and commitment? What are the elements of an effective communication plan and how should one be implemented? Services Include: Workforce capability development Communication planning and implementation Culture assessment and development Organizational alignment






At Xfinity Mobile, Xenon Group co-led the selection and implementation of a cloud-based instance of Blue Yonder's Demand and Fulfill modules in support of XM's Digital S&OP initiative.