eWave Mobile Limited

  Asaf Levi
Partner Tier: Silver

Ewave Mobile is an international IT solutions provider that focuses on Industrial IoT solutions, cognitive supply chain Management and integrated hardware and software solutions. We serve dozens of manufacturing and retail companies across Israel and CES countries, implementing all of JDA's solutions including WMS, Sequencing, D&F, Planograms, and more.

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Ewave Mobile, a JDA partner, helps leading companies around the globe transform their supply chains into a powerful competitive advantage, by skillfully integrating people, processes and technologies. We deliver innovative software services that enable our customers to penetrate new markets, optimize their supply chain KPI's and effectively manage their risks and opportunities.

IoT is a fast-developing field that integrates sensors, wireless communications, Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI) to make the machines "smarter" in real time. Ewave Mobile carries out innovative IoT projects, especially industrial ones (IIoT). We believe that this fourth industrial revolution promises a more intelligent and cognitive supply chain, and requires a service provider that brings deep knowledge and expertise in both business processes and new technologies.

Ewave Mobile specializes in providing a holistic solution to all the mobile computing and operational needs of the organization's mobile workers, implementing hardware products and end-user equipment along with comprehensive technical service and support. At the same time, the company has developed unique software infrastructures in various fields as well as operational systems on demand, along with integration and provision of complementary hardware products.