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In a globalised world which is in constant transformation, only those who are able to keep control of their processes will be able to lead the way with regards to the requirements of the market. In this context, having an expert partner in the planning, implementation and support of the supply chain operations becomes essential to ensure the success of your company. Ágora offers an extensive catalogue of scalable and easily integrable solutions that combine the leading technology from Blue Yonder with a close and agile strategic consultancy that is focused on providing value. Everything, to help you face the challenges the future will bring.

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C/ Arago 141 Entresuelo
Barcelona, Catalonia 08015 Spain
Phone: +34 930 18 09 05


Carrer Arago 141
Barcelona, 08015 Spain
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Our team of consultants, who are experts in every stage of the supply chain, is the best ally for ensuring the success of your business. Large team of functional and technical consultants with proven experience. Local presence and global vision to meet the challenges of your business.






WE MAKE FUTURE HAPPEN. We are a well known consulting IT supply chain company with more than 18 years of experience implementing Blue Yonder ...





Our clients are Manufacturers, Retailers and 3PLs in EMEA & LATAM