Cantactix Solutions Inc.

Partner Tier: Bronze

Cantactix is a dedicated team of over 36 Space Management experts all across North America, Accredited by Blue Yonder as experts in the Category Management Suite. Our consultants come from retail, suppliers, and as former Blue Yonder employees, providing a unique view of how Blue Yonder's Category Management software is ACTUALLY being used. Additionally, since we are a niche consulting firm, we are able to offer our clients a flexible and customizable partnership that provides faster results with less expense than larger firms. Ultimately, our team is focused on meeting the specific needs of each client. Our mission is to ensure the effective implementation and utilization of Blue Yonder Category and Space Management software.

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90 Hidden Lake Drive #131
Sanford, Florida 32773 United States
Phone: 416-722-6865


59 Hambly Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4E 2R5 Canada
Phone: (416) 722-6865




As a Blue Yonder Consulting Partner for Category and Space Management software, we have the knowledge needed to help you maximize your software investment. We will guide you through choosing the right components to help your business, lead the implementation journey and train your staff so you can operate successfully without our help. We will make the solution work in a tradinional on-premisis environment, or we can migrate you into Blue Yonder SaaS. We can even help Spaceman™ and Apollo™ users migrate to the Blue Yonder Category Management suite.​

Once you have the basics of category management and space planning in place, you can take the next steps on the road to high performance. If you find yourself overwhelmed by keeping hundreds of planograms updated, there are several automation options available to dramatically reduce the hours and days being wasted on non-value added work. Industry leaders are pushing ahead with the automation of hundreds or thousands of store-specific planograms, moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud, and building planograms for future demand. Cantactix will keep you from being left behind.

We combine our expertise, the Blue Yonder suite, and our own MissionControl software to utilize automation like nobody else in the production of finished. We've learned that each company, both manufacturers and retailers, have their own way of creating, using and changing their planograms. We will keep what makes you unique, and build you planograms done right.

You might be post-merger or have had a significant staffing change. Your Category Management process and tools are not working as you need them to. Our team can get you back on track. By starting the discussion with where you are at and focusing on your strategic business needs, the road-map to success is within reach and we're here to support you along the way. Cantactix can get you working efficiently and independently or take the work off your hands entirely. It is all about what makes sense for your business.

We believe training is the area with the greatest return for our clients. Over and over, we have seen the dramatic difference that education for staff makes to client success. We offer online and onsite training classes for many Blue Yonder Category Management applications including , Space Planning and Floor Planning. We offer standardized content, and also customize the content and materials for other clients. You can dramatically increase the skills of your team in just a few days, and those benefits will pay back for you every single day.

As a Blue Yonder Technology Partner, we know the future of Blue Yonder Category Management is within Blue Yonder Luminate Retail, powered by Microsoft Azure. Cantactix already has API-based solutions that connect to Blue Yonder products. We can connect your core enterprise and software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based applications with Blue Yonder's Luminate Platform for end-to-end alignment of planning, execution and delivery capabilities.