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As one of First Partners of Blue Yonder strategic alliance (since 2005!), HCL brings its strong industry domain expertise coupled with a robust global delivery model to ensure maximum RoI realization from Blue Yonder solution suites for its Customers. HCL’s openness to operate in a risk-reward sharing environment, directly linking itself to the outcome, positions it as a unique contender in this space. HCL’s Supply Chain Excellence Practice has a Strong Competency of 350+ Trained Blue Yonder Consultants leveraging pioneering Blue Yonder solutions to optimally fulfill the supply chain planning & execution and retail management needs of customers across industries.

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806 Siddarth Street 96 Nehru Place
New Delhi, 110019 India
Phone: +91661053000


806 Siddarth Street 96 Nehru Place
New Delhi, 110019 India
Phone: +91661053000




HCL has an In-House Factory Implementation Model Based approach which helps in rapid implementation of JDA Modules in a 'Factory' Mode having Pre-Built Processes, Scripts which Cuts down significant Effort and Cost to the tune of 30% savings along with a reduction of implementation time by upto 25%.

HCL has its In-House Testing Framework Model - JDA Test Factory in a Box™ (TFiB) which is a collection of re-usable and pre-defined automated Test Scripts been used across multiple Implementations, Upgrades and Support services. This framework has been used across multiple client engagements leading to 80% re-usability of JDA test automation components with 35% reduction in cost savings and 40% effort reduction for testing cycles.

ALT ASM™ Integrated Support Services Model is a Scalable Integrated Support Model framework of HCL which is based on a Unified and Centralized Governance and Program Management in ASM Projects. With the help of a Shift-Left approach across L1,L1.5,L2 and L3 Support Levels it helps to cut down on the incident count and resolution time by upto 35% YoY.

IoT Works: Connected Users, real-time Asset Management, Enable IoTized Predictive Maintenance, In-Premise Track & Trace, Cold Chain Logistics, Inward/Outward Logistics, Real-time Inventory Management DryIce™ Automation: DryICE™ is HCL’s automation framework, which leverages reference architecture of deep automation and process transformation suitable for an ASM delivery model where through predictive/proactive analysis through DryICE™ automation tools,manual dependency of application monitoring can be reduced and replaced through automated processes. Blockchain: HCL Blockchain Labs is a solution driven practice with expertise across key enterprise blockchain platforms. Our blockchain application platform, CoTrust℠, enables accelerated adoption of blockchain technologies COPA AutoLogistics: AI Powered Unified Enterprise Automation COGNITIVE ORCHESTRATION & PROCESS AUTONOMICS (COPA) FOR LOGISTICS & TRANSPORTATION

HCL has extensive Consulting Service with the following offerings:- -Roadmap definition -Maturity assessment -Benchmarking -Supply Planning Review Templates -Template design and deployment -Rapid implementation, Upgrade, maintenance and support services




DRYiCE story video

DRYiCE story video

DRYiCE is a division of HCL Technologies focused on building industry-leading software products for transforming and simplifying IT and business operations ...





DHL is One Of The World’s Largest Logistics Company Operating around the World. Headquartered in Germany its Vision, Mission And Goals is “Strategy 2020: which is built on the three pillars of Focus, Connect and Grow. HCL has been a Long Term Engagement Partner & Global Implementation Partner for JDA WMS Implementation and Support Services for DHL's DC's across UK and Europe Regions. The Warehouse Complexities have been identified as Medium to High. Number of Warehouses for which HCL has Successfully Implemented JDA WMS Solutions along with Ongoing Support and Upgrades is 300+.




Ikea is one of the Largest Global home furnishing retailer with its supply chain spanning across geographies with more than 424 stores across 52+ nations. HCL has been a Long Term SI Partner for IKEA (12+ Years) and has helped to transform its supply chain by implementing, upgrading JDA modules which includes JDA ESP, JDA Demand, JDA Fulfilment, JDA Market Manager, JDA Collaborate and JDA Monitor. As an SI Partner HCL's implementation, Support and Upgrade Solution Model has helped the customer in significant cost savings with significant improvement in Business Processes.




Primark is a Leading Fashion Accesories Retailer based out of Dublin:- HCL has been Working on Providing WMS Implementation and Support Services along with Migration Activities for its DC's across UK and Europe. As an SI Partner HCL has helped Customer in Transformation of its 5 DC's from a Smooth Migration of its JDA WMS Applications from 3rd Party Data Centers to Primark Data Centers which in turn resulted in a high flexibility and control for the customer over its DC Applications.HCL is also an engagement partner for 24*7 WMS Support Services for WMS Applications implemented across DC's.




CBI is a Fortune 500 Global Beverage Exporter and Distributor. HCL as its Key Implementation Partner has been involved in Transformation of its Legacy WMS Processes to JDA WMS Platform across its Global NA DC's. Along with WMS Implementation, HCL is also an SI Partner for its OnGoing JDA TMS Implementation and Support Services for CBI's designated Business Units.




CEVA is a Leading logistics service provider which operates globally with facilities in over 160 countries and employs more than 56,000 people worldwide. As an SI Partner, HCL was part of the Implementation and Support of JDA WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) application having successful Go live for customers which included Apple, LG, Barnes and Nobles, Microsoft, RDA etc. This process involved development of WMS Templates as part of Global Implementation and Migration of JDA WMS on Matrix WMS Platform for 150+ Sites.