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BTC acknowledges the challenge that now a day exists to maintain a competent organization in all its processes in order to be able to create a value chain that maximizes the benefits for the client. We are committed to collaborate with your clients to carry out transformations that improve the return on investment and their cash flow in the long and short term with the technology offered by Blue Yonder. Our mission is to help you meet your business objectives through our extensive knowledge in supply chain, project management and reengineering, at a fair and reasonable cost.

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Calle Capitán Fernández de Castro #6635 A, Col. Campestre Mederos Campestre Mederos
MONTERREY, Nuevo León 64970 Mexico


MONTERREY, Nuevo Leon 64988 Mexico
Phone: +5218113129382




We improve competitiveness and quality within an organization to help them reach their strategic goals. By redefining processes we assemble a global analysis to identify the processes to optimize their economic, raw material and human resources. At the same time we conduct an in-depth inspection of operative processes in order to fulfill the industrial and market demands. As a consequence of this, the benefits obtained immediately by working with us are: more than 12 years with outstanding impact, we combine quick benefits with lasting changes, we certify Reengineering experts and train general staff to facilitate the change to process work and enable continuous improvement as part of the culture in the organization, we include all aspects of the change: process, people, technology, indicators, etc., ability to cover all stages of Reengineering, from preparation and evaluation to implementation and maintenance.

BTC offers an efficient/effective service for the set of activities that make up the value chain. We continuously offer benefits for our customers based in our large and successful experience, some of them are: Transformations in the Strategic / Infrastructure, Planning and Operation components of its Value Chain, Methodology based on taking advantage of current infrastructure in the short term (quick and low-cost benefits) and creating the foundation for long-term success, Implementation of advanced value chain tools, Application of best practices and best tools currently to obtain, quick benefits with low investment, Capacidad de implementar, optimizar y mejorar: Redes de Distribución y Transporte, Redes de Manufactura, Redes de Suministro, Sales & Operations Plan (S&OP), Planeación de Cadena de Abasto (Distribución, Manufactura, Materiales), Ejecución de Transporte, Ejecución de Almacenes, Ejecución de Manufactura, Estrategia de Abasto, Orden a Cobro, Compra a Pago, Atención a Clientes, Define the schemes of the Go To Market (reach customer) and alignment of the Value Chain to strategies to reach the customer.

BTC defines and analyzes the architecture of the systems that are crucial for the companies success, while also offering the implementation of systems that generate productive business results. We offer relevant and trascendental benefits for our customers such as: Methodology based on reducing 'time to benefit' (time to obtain the first benefit) and decrease the risk of implementation, Integration of ERP organization base systems - Enterprise Resource Planning System, DataWarehouse, Client / Supplier Portals, Implementation of Systems specializing in value chain: APS - Advanced Planning Systems, WMS - Warehouse Management Systems, OMS - Order Management Systems, TMS - Transportation Management Systems, Transportation Routing, etc., Support with convenient post-implementation maintenance schemes if required, Training of in-house customer personnel to develop self-sufficiency of our clients.

BTC is committed with their customers to help them achieve specific goals, specific success criteria in a specified time. In order to fulfill this goals, we offer multiple overwhelming benefits, such as: Methodology based on PMI, Simplification level of methodology appropriate to Project needs, Institutionalization of PMO, Project Management complemented with Change Management methodology and Process Redesign (depending on need), Focus on adding value to the business using only the absolutely necessary components of the documentation, Training in Project Management according to levels of professionalization of work team.






Key Customer Results: - Reduction of depleted inventory in a 20.5% - Improvement of Operative Forecast Accuracy of 6 percentage points - Increase of Fill Rate Customer & Seller from 94.6% to 96.5%. All this results were obtained by leveraging JDA Software. (Food & Beverage Industry)






Key Customer Results: - Improvement in Service Level for own brand products fro 75% to 96.6%. - Reduction of obsolete in a 70% - Inventory reduction of slow selling products in a 28%. (Convenience Stores Industry)



Key Customer Results: - Alignment of objectives according to the store profile. - Improvement of inventory mix. - Selection of a range of shoe models to increase the return on investment. - Purchase optimization according to consumer demand. (Retail (shoes) industry)