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  Ron Boling
Partner Tier: Bronze

DoubleBlaze is JDA’s leading partner for pricing solutions helping customers maximize their opportunity with Pricer, Strategic Pricing, Promotions Management and Optimization, and DemandEdge Pricing. DoubleBlaze works with you and JDA from start to finish on pricing projects beginning with defining the value in the sales cycle, a realistic implementation plan, and then deploying the solution. You will appreciate our years of experience implementing pricing solutions, driving strategic decisions, and becoming a valuable partner in your pricing journey. For more information including case studies, techniques to understand what kind of opportunity you have, and implementation strategies, please visit

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104 Gables Point Way
Cary, North Carolina 27513 United States
Phone: 919-522-5859




At DoubleBlaze, we focus on pricing excellence. As product lines and services expand, pricing complexity quickly escalates outgrowing manual processes and basic analysis to the point you need something better. We address the full project lifecycle including business case analysis, project scoping, implementation, testing, and user training for JDA Pricer, Strategic Pricing, Promotions Management and Optimization, and DemandEdge Pricing.

Beyond JDA solutions we also offer services to hone your eCommerce performance. We design and deliver eCommerce solutions that are powerful, efficient, and robust. Our solutions meet the unique needs of your business and your market. Our strategies capture opportunities and eliminate friction. We create systems that are sustainable and that are built to adapt and evolve.






DoubleBlaze works with sales and marketing arms of customers across both retail and manufacturing. While the majority of our projects have been in North America and Europe, we span the globe. Our largest eCommerce customer is a global computer manufacturer for which we rolled out a solution to over 35 countries.