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The rise of cashless payments, on-demand pay, and the gig economy have accelerated the need for modernized payments technologies. Our Employer Payments Platform (EPP) meets that need by helping businesses pay their employees with instant, digital solutions. This lets them spend fewer hours on old-school payroll processes and empower their employees with faster pay and free digital banking. The fast and flexible Branch Employer Payments Platform is free for employers and employees, and includes no-fee banking with access to a digital wallet and free debit card, digital tips and reimbursements, earned wage access, and more. Unlock the power of EPP today!

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Instant pay allows employees to access part of their earned wages before their scheduled payday. You may have heard of earned wage access before, which is the same concept.

Branch Cards are not prepaid cards or instant paycards—they’re debit cards. Each card comes with a no-fee checking account and digital wallet your employees can use to pay bills, buy gas, shop online, or buy anything else they would with a debit card.

Instantly tip out or reimburse employees after each shift. Instead of dealing with the hassle of off-cycle payroll, or making your employees wait until payday to have their tips, mileage reimbursements, or other payments sent to them, Branch lets you tip out and reimburse your employees digitally after each shift.

Get your employees started on their financial wellness journey. Employees get an overview of their expenses and wages, as well as insights into spending habits so they can adjust their budget and better plan for the future. They’ll also receive alerts on upcoming bills to make sure they’re on track.




Branch App – Download Today

Branch App – Download Today

Get paid your earned wages and tips instantly, access zero-fee banking, get your full paycheck up to 2 days early! Branch makes it easy for members to grow their finances with a free mobile bank -- in fact, we’re helping them save thousands of dollars per year on overdraft fees alone.

Banked in 90 seconds with Branch

Banked in 90 seconds with Branch

Help your employees with by giving them the free banking benefit of Branch. Increase financial wellness in as little as 90 seconds for employee activation!

Move on From Your Paycard Provider: Take the next step and switch to Branch Card

Move on From Your Paycard Provider: Take the next step and switch to Branch Card

It's time. Time to say goodbye to fees. Time to stop spending money on cutting paper checks. And time to break up with paycards that are just more management hassle for you. Now is the time to switch to a seamless, fee-free experience that means less work for you and better benefits for your employees. Are you ready to see what else is out there? Learn more at